Make Better PE Lesson Plans- The Secret Handshake

No doubt that making a lesson plan is a time-consuming process in the daily life if you’re a teacher. It takes a lot of brainstorming to especially come up with good PE lesson plans. You have to consider coming up with PE lesson plans that catch the attention and interest of your students all the way from the beginning to the end.

So here is a little boost up for you. Have this activity planned accordingly and you will end up having students who could say “teacher, I had fun”.

Activity name

Secret Handshake

Purpose of the activity

The purpose of this activity is to give the students an opportunity that could help them cooperate with one another in a physical activity manner.

Suggested grade level

Grades 3-5

Materials needed for the activity

For this activity, a small container consisting 20 to 40 cards is required and each card must have a body part word or action phrase wrote on it. Each card should have one phrase or word. For example, elbow, nose, face, kick, jump, clap.

How it should go

Inform the students that this activity requires them to be working together in a friendly and team working manner. They have to try each other’s ideas and with the help of a nice language, come to an agreement with a secret handshake.

To begin with, let one student in the class reach to the container and pull three cards to be included within the secret handshake.

The activity cards will have one motion or body part in them. And the students are then paired and given few minutes to come back up with their own personalized secret handshake using the three actions or body parts in the cards. Any order can be chosen.

The partners must be able to repeat their handshake at least three times without no difference in each time.

After some time, let half of the class show their handshake to the other half and repeat so that all the students will have the chance of showing their handshake.


This game is a great way of getting to know the students and could be conducted at the beginning of a new year to get everyone familiar with each other.